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TRy For Free!

We understand that you would like to see the benefits of the "Tyre Controller" before going ahead for your preferred packages and that is why you can explore the software for a complete month (30 Days). Simply sign up and start managing your tyres and visualizing the savings.


Are you in the inception stage of your business? Don't worry this package is just for you to manage up to 50 vehicles.


Ok, you seem to have grown a little and still have a manageable size of fleets. This package will take care of up to 100 vehicles.


Oh! you must be having lots of trouble to manage your tyres. Don't worry this package will save you and help you to manage up to 200 vehicles.


No matter what it takes you are always ready to grow and expand. You have already reached a level of unmanageable fleet size. This package is definitely for you.


Choose specific package whichever is suitable for you. Contact Us if not sure which one to select.

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